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Empowered by God

A few weeks ago I woke up early in the morning with the thoughts of trimming the hedges at my house and my mothers house.  We both have a lot of shrubs to trim.  I usually trim the hedges about once every three weeks during the Spring and Summer months and them, of coarse, it slows down in the fall and winter.  I have both battery powered and  gas powered hedge trimmers to get the job done.  This particular morning I used the battery powered because they are a lot lighter in weight than the gas.  As I trimmed my hedges I noticed that the power level on the trimmers was not what they usually are.  The trimmers RPM’s was not as high as they usually are, after an all night charge.  I finished the hedges at my house then headed to mothers’, as I started trimming them, all the sudden, nothing.  The trimmers battery was dead.  So I went back to my house, and into the shop to see why I had a dead battery, after leaving it on charge all night.  Ahh, I had plugged the charger into a power strip the night before,  but neglected to turn the power strip, power switch to the on position.  I was plugged in but nothing was happening.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  We think that we are plugged into Gods power source, but at times we are plugged into our selfish wants and desires.

Such is the case for the children of Israel.  The promised land has been promised.  Moses did not enter it because of the sin.  Joshua did however enter, and now, time has passed, and he has left the scene, the remnant that are left in the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey, are living with the very ones God had instructed to defeat, and take the land, that had been promised.  Instead, the Israelites decided to live among the heathen nations, thus, angering God.  This is were God choose individuals, that he called “Judges,” to lead His people to freedom.  The Judges were called by God and then empowered by God, to unify the people of God, for the purpose of standing against the enemies of God.   Before these men of God were chosen, the Children of Israel acted on their own powerless motives.  In living with the enemy, other nations would infringe and rob the people of God and send them scattered in the region.  The Medianites according to Judges chapter 6 came every year at harvest time and steal the harvest that was needed to feed the children of Israel, families thru the year.

Application for you and me.  Don’t allow the position that you and I have through Christ, be settled for less than, what God has for us.  When we allow the enemy to entice us to become angry with a brother or a sister, we allow the spirit of anger to enter our lives, where it doesn’t belong.  Not only anger, but whatever causes you and I to stumble, pride, lust, not patient, covetousness, etc.  When we allow ourselves to live with these enemies of God, we are subject to be disconnected from being “Empowered by God.”  So in closing, brothers and sister, Stay connected to Gods power, love one another, and don’t let the enemy (Satan) allow things, contrary to Gods standards, to take root in your life.  Take back the position, that God had intended for you to have.       For further study read Dueteronomy 7 verse 1&2, Judges chapter 1,  Judges Chapter 6.,  1 Peter 3

Have a Safe Day!!!

“10-97 Smoke Visible – Laying it Out!!!”

Firefighting is one of the most awesome professions out there. I have been very blessed to be one now for 25 years. Early in my career as a firefighter, I really wanted to become a driver/engineer. In order to do so, you have to drive the fire truck so many hours, pumped so many hours, to become eligible. We drove trucks with no power steering, 5 speed in the floor, and it was an open cab, When it rained you got wet, and we firefighters stood on the tale board while going to a fire, rain, sleet or snow. It was an awesome experience!!! Anyway, Each fire station back in the day, had a firefighter that would fill in for the driver just in case the driver was off on vacation or sick leave etc. Relief driving gives a firefighter experience behind the wheel and experience if needed driving to a fire call and operating the fire pump. On one of the first calls i had as a relief driver, it happened to be a fire. The engine I was driving was the second in engine and would reverse lay a 4 inch hose to the attack pumper and drive to the hydrant to supply water. As we responded to the call of smoke visible, I began to think of the options I had as a driver, hoping there would be a hydrant close to the house that was on fire. We arrived on the scene and my Captain said “Lay it Out.” The firefighters pulled the 4 inch and gave it to the driver of the attack pumper while I drove to the nearest hydrant I could see. As I arrived at the hydrant, I made all my connections to the hydrant and to the truck, when I heard on the radio “Give me some Water!!” So i charged the line and noticed to my “horror” water coming out of the 4 inch, flooding the road with the hose dancing across the road. I quickly shut the water off, and got my gear and ran to the attack pumper to see what went wrong. To my amazement there was a hydrant right in front of the house, but a car blocked my view of the hydrant. I thought I was connected to the attack pumper when I heard on the radio “Give me some water!” But in actuality the attack pumper driver was talking to the firefighter at the hydrant that hand layed a line about 100 feet to the attack pumper. I was never connected. No one ever took my 4 inch hose and connected it. It lay bare in the road. However the attack pumper got water quicker than I could have given, so all is well, but boy did i Hear it from the guys. I was the butt of the jokes for a while but that’s Ok, its just part of being a firefighter. The Assistant Chief told me that “If you don’t make mistakes that means you are not doing anything.” in other words your going to make mistakes in life, learn from your mistake and move on.

Opportunities Lost

I am sitting in my shop drinking my cup of lukewarm coffee, and thinking about all the lost opportunities that i passed by in life. One of which i am certain is the time I have neglected with Jesus. I am certain that the power a Christian has in this life is not in his or her own strength but in God’s strength. Prayer is the neccesity for a vibrant God purposed life. My life has had its share of ups and downs, but the down turns could have been much avoided if I had not of neglected time with Jesus. Jesus has recently came into my life in a fresh new way. Its called making the opportunity to see Him every morning. I enter my shop and with my lukewarm cup of joe, my Bible and a mens devotion book, a CD player with inspirational music playing softly, and last but not least a $2.00 spiral notebook. Its been a wonderful change to my life. I read and meditate on Gods Holy Word and then put on pad the word he has put in my heart. My opportunity lost hasn’t been not to sail around the world, or going on a safari in a distant land, but simply this, not finding Jesus when he was waiting for me in my shop. I challenge anyone who reads these words to find where you have lost your opportunity to seek Jesus, and simply search for Him, because He is looking for you in unordinary places. In closing I think about the man who was paralyzed, and he had 4 friends carrying him to see Jesus. The 4 carried him to where Jesus was speaking, at a house filled with hungry people wanting to be feed by the words of Jesus. The house was so full of people that the 4 could not even get thru the front door. So these 4 brave men climbed up onto the roof of the house and starting digging through the roof until they created a whole large enough to lower the paralyzed man right in front of Jesus. Jesus told the 4 that went to great lengths to see there friend find the help he needed, “I see your faith, your sins are forgiven.” The man got up and took his mat with him. These 4 men carrying the Paralyzed man took full opportunity of finding Jesus. These men dug through the roof of the house until they saw Jesus. if we would just keep digging in the Word of God, Keep digging in prayer, Keep digging in visiting the sick and carrying for the Orphans and widows, then I believe we will have opportunity to see Jesus show up in our lives. Remember Opportunities that were Lost yesterday should be todays sought after treasures. {Mark 2 verse 1 – 12} May the Lord Bless your day.