Hello, I’m glad that you dropped in.  This blog is designed to encourage, lift up, and strengthen firefighters in their walk with the Lord.  Lets face it, our profession is filled with everyday stress that the normal average person doesn’t have to deal with.  It’s the most awesome, rewarding career,  but also its very demanding on us, as firefighters, and our families.  My prayer is that this blog can be a tool to connect us with someone who cares for us deeply – Jesus.  You see, we as first responders, have to respond on a moments notice.  Just like Jesus.  He is just a prayer away.  He has responded and rescued me from a life of sin and will do the same for you.  Remember Jesus is a friend that sticks closer that a brother, and He will respond to you in a moments notice.  Thank you for dropping in, and checking out The Chaplains Corner.

  • Note: I will, as the Lord leads, I will publish a new article that relates, to our profession including, faith and the Word of God.  Thank you for reading these bloggs.  I hope that it will be an encouragement to you.   Thank you for your service to our community .  Lee D.


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