The Impossible

The impossible has happened. The thing you dreaded the most is closing in on you, your ability to control the present is slipping away from your grips. If “i” could only “do” “this,” that would have never happened. If “He” or “She” would have only done, or said “this” or “that,” then life would have been good, or at least, better.

Sometimes life has a way of creeping up on us, and it brings with it pain, and sorrow. It may also offer shackles to wear, as its slave, such as adversity, addictions, disease, natural climate events, storms of life.

The canvas I’ve described has a dark backdrop. I heard a famous artist once described the secrete to his masterpiece art, paintings, was that he always used a dark canvas. He said the dark backdrop brings out the colors of the brush in a majestic way.

God often uses a dark canvas to display our beauty most clearly. God sometimes uses the impossible, to bring out great possibilities. The Bible is full of impossible circumstances at the beginning, to bring out, something beautiful.

Have you ever felt like things were so dark, you just didn’t measure up for the task? Perhaps, you felt like your position was one of despair?

Luke 18 v 27, And he said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Could it be that God uses the backdrop of pain, and hurt, to create beauty? In the Old Testament book of Isaiah, the writer expresses, that of exchanging “Beauty for ashes,” isn’t that what God does for us daily?

The things in our lives that been reduced to ashes, God will exchange, or redeem it for His purposes, once given over to Him.

Read : The Old Testament book of Job.    The circumstances Job faced were astronomical, yet Job trusted God thru the troubles he endured. Someone once said when you can’t track God, you have to trust Him. Thats so difficult to do at times. Everything within you wants to run away from the dark canvas, but there is a powerful presence within you that strengthens you to stand when you have no desire too. He makes the difference in the moment. He makes a difference in life. – Jesus.

Blessings to you this new year.

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