My Righteousness?

I was at my moms house watching a T.V. preacher and what he said got my attention. He said, “When we were young, we did some things, we messed up, we were uncontrollable. After some time, we got a bit older, learned some life lessons, now we teach in church, we are on several church committees, have high position at our place of work, we are in civic clubs, we think we have arrived, we think we made it because of our righteousness, my right ways, we feel like we are somebody because of my stuff….no, no, no, never trust in our righteous living…only the blood of Jesus makes us righteous, our stuff isn’t ours, it’s just borrowed, because we can’t take it with us, …..Our life should be about Jesus and his finished work on the cross….without Christ in my life I am nothing. The blessings we experience is not about us, its about a higher Power, blessing our life…..Jesus”

Good stuff.


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