Monthly Archives: December, 2015

A Kingdom of Priest

Have you ever felt like your life didn’t matter to God?  Maybe your life seems to be surrounded  by activity that day by day is draining the life out of you.  We often become a product of what drives us, and often we fall into a circus of events that holds us hostage with seemingly no way out.  It doesn’t have to stay this way.  God wants to deliver us.

God wanted to take the slaves in Egypt, and allow them to become a “Kingdom of Priest,” God told Moses that these slaves, out of all the Nations , would be My treasured possession…..Ex.19 v 5 & 6.

I’m glad God loves the people captured by circumstances out of their control. I’m glad God has a plan for the captured, caught, those calling for change, in a world that is a vacuum for their vulnerabilities…..God is awesome in power, and may we release His power today, by saying “Holy Spirit, you are welcome here today, you are welcome here in my house….Have your way with me, have your way with me today, have your way with me….Here is the keys to my house, Holy Spirit, here is they keys to my closets, my rooms Holy Spirit, here are my belongings, I’m giving them to you, have your way with me Holy Spirit…..We are, or have been, all slaves in the flesh, God is calling us to be His Holy Nation….to abandon the shackles of pride, and receive the humility of being His prized possession…

Have a great day!!!