Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This is a day filled with grace and love as we meet with our families and share God’s goodness of this past year.

When I think of Thanksgiving I can’t help but think about grace. Grace was once spoken of as God’s riches at Christ’s expense. Grace is something that we have to take care of.  We have to nurture grace the same as nurturing a little child. If we take care of grace, then in return, grace would take care of us in our hour of need.

Bitterness would love to steal the grace of God,  which He has given to each one of us. Unwanted cirumstances that have happened to us, that we have no control over, often rear themselves into our lives,  and can take root and turn us into bitter people.

On this day of thanks, lets conquer  the bitterness of life’s hurts with Thanksgiving, and grace.  If we nurture Thanksgiving and Grace  because God has trusted us with it, this special gift, then it will take care of us in time of need.

I’m thankful for you,

Lee D.

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