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The Power of Presense, Overcoming with Kindness

Why do tragic things happen to good people.  That is the age old question, that alot of people are asking. Another question, is why do good people have to suffer? There are a lot of theologians and teachers that try to tackle these questions with answers that are above my head. I think our response should be to these questions is, how can I respond to your situation, in a loving way?  A response without using judgement toward someone, on why, but a response, on what can I do to make things better.

In the Bible, Old Testiment, book of Job, we see a good man that is overcome with tragedy that was out of his hands.  Job lost his children, to a natural disaster, his home was destroyed, his cattle all killed, Jobs wife challenged Job to curse God and die, however Job remained faithful to God thru this terrible tragedy.  Job’s three friends heard about the trouble and they came to sympathize and comfort job. When they saw Job, they hardly recognized him and they began to weep for their friend and for 7 days and 7 nights no one said a word to him because they saw how great his suffering was.

The power of presence is huge during a tragedy.  Job’s three friends show tremendous kindness by just being present. At times, words just get in the way to the power of  just being there for someone.

The MFRD Swiftwater team has responded to the floods in South Carolina. We’ve heard about a  tremendous outpouring of support from people in South Carolina, because of their response.  The question is never asked, nor shouldn’t be, why do you live in a flooded region?  Our response is, How can I help, I am here for you….One of the task of the team was to perform welfare checks, by knocking on the door, to see if there is any need the team could meet. The team members knocked on doors, to do welfare checks.  We heard about a  person, that was overwhelmed, by their simple, act of kindness, to check on her well being.  The resident emailed a thank you to our department for the response of the team.  Over 100 people have responded with comments to their reponse….The power of presence is a tremendous comfort to someone on need…..

Be an encouraged encourager to someone this week….You will be blessed by your good deeds.

Pray for the MFRD Swiftwater Team this week.  God bless you for responding.