He Stooped For Me

When responding to a confirmed house fire many things enter into our minds. Is there a fire hydrant nearby, is anyone at home, will we have to search and rescue, just to name a few. The one thing is for sure, if there is heavy smoke on arrival with people inside, we will rapidly enter, with a charged hoseline, and rescue. We will do our best to rescue someone in trouble, trapped the circumstances out of their control.

Jesus responds to the captives, to their hurts and hangups, to their unforgiven by the world, lifestyle, that only makes others blush.  The Pharisees, was a group of religious leaders back in bible days, that made it a point to try to stomp out sin by their pious judgmental, actions that took its captives to the law enforcer council of good men.  The outcome was usually what the law demands!

One day while Jesus was teaching in the synagogue, you couldn’t help but hear the movement feet, rushing toward the focus of the room, while dragging the weight of , who was “CAUGHT,” in the very act of something so offensive it demanded swift justice from this group of – do gooders,- who were trying to keep the city clean from the insurgence of sin.

They threw the unwanted, unwelcome woman, that was “Caught,” at the feet of Jesus.  She was caught.  Caught in the sin, hand in the cookie jar, late night indulgence with our favorite dessert, that no one knows about but me, “Caught.”

The accusers ask Jesus “What should we do with the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery, a sin problem, with the penalty of death?   Jesus was interrupted from His teaching, yet responded to the captive woman, not to the captors, He Stooped low, on behalf of the accused, and began to write in the dirt, in behalf of the accused.  Jesus got dirty for the captive.  Then Jesus stood and used words,  “He that is without sin, you throw the first stone.”  Then Jesus stooped again for the captive woman laying prone on the ground, to ashamed to lift her face, to see what was taking place.  All she could hear now was the sound of silence being broken by the rocks that had been donned by the accusers, there weapon, of the day for eliminating sinners caught in tresspasses, rocks now falling to the ground, as a rain storm in the desert.

Jesus responded to someone “caught,” in their own darkness, yet he choose to set her free.  Just like a firefighter, stooping to crawling under the smoke and superheated gasses to rescue the captive from a fire, Jesus does the same.  He will stoop for you, as you are held captive by your own, so called secrets.  Jesus wants to respond to the captives call… Allow Him to stoop for you and carry you to a safe place….

Read : John 8 v 1-11 The Bible

Have a blessed day.


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