Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Nuggets for the day – the sticky notes on my desk

image6.jpg  Sticky Notes:

  • FAITH – Believe that God Can!!!
  • Jesus, Help me to give my life away to you everyday.
  • We are so prone to “finish someone” by what they have done.  We are finished with them because they hurt me.  But God might be just beginning.  Beginning with that person.
  • Problems tend to cause me to trust Jesus, at the same time, I try to refocus on the “what If’s.”  Its a struggle.
  • God can get us alone and wrestle our stubbornness to the ground.  Consider Jacob? Genesis 32 v. 24 – 30.
  • Trust – He wants me to trust HIM beyond my temptations.
  • God is attractive to my weakness.
  • My flesh says “I can’t,”  but God can.
  • God uses the wilderness to get our attention.
  • The people God blesses, the poor in spirit, the mourners, the pure, those who hunger for right living, the persecuted – Matthews Gospel – The beatitudes.
  • To get to the presence of God, we must stoop to enter.
  • The people Jesus attracted Sinners, prostitutes, demon possessed, tax collectors, zealots, the outcast of society.
  • FAITH – Believe that God Can!!!

Thanks for letting me share my sticky notes with you.  Be safe, and have a great evening!