“Broken” A Night of Worship and Praise

I would like to invite everyone to a very special night.  Its called “Broken.”  A night of praise and worship  to the King of kings and Lord of lords – Jesus.  Its starts at 5pm and ends when the Holy Spirit says its time to end.  The location is Unity Free Will Baptist Church, 1901 Florence Road in Murfreesboro Tn.  More Details below.   Thanks,  Lee D. 


Saturday, March 22, 2014

4pm-5pm Prayer for the service

5pm-?  Broken Night

There will be three different ministers, me, Bro. Ronnie Jenkins and Bro. Mark Segroves. We will have praise music throughout the service.

There is not a certain time to be there. It starts at 5pm, but we want you to come and stay as long as you want, when you want. In other words, pretend your watch is “broken”.

We are praying and expecting an awesome move of the Holy Spirit. The basis of this service comes from Psalm 51:17. A broken spirit before the Lord is our greatest sacrifice. This service is all about Him and His glory.

If you can’t make it, please pray for the service. Pray that God has His hand on it and leads the ministers and worship leaders. Pray for brokenness before the Lord.

That about sums it up Lee! 🙂

Love you brother,


Jon Segroves


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