“Your Love”

Hello, and I hope you are doing great tonight.  Just got finished  journaling tonight, in my spiral notebook, and by the way, a great way to relieve stress.  My thoughts tonight were about our Saviors love for mankind.  I hope these words will be a blessing to you.

“Your Love”

Heavenly Father,

Hallowed be your Holy Name.  Praise and Honor belong to You.  Jesus your name is worthy of attention, Your Name is to be praised among the Nations.  Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.  Father, your love gathers your people from distant and foreign lands, it demolishes strongholds, and unites brotherhood.  Your love frees people from distress, it weaves forgiveness into ordinary lives.  Your love grants pardon to the vilest offenders, and it releases people from grievances toward another.  Your love demonstrates the power to change, the ability to adapt, and the strength to stay the course.  Your love carries me a thousand times and then some.  Your love embraces the poor, and gives power to the weak, it holds together families in distress, it places bread on our table once again.  Your love lifts up the broken-hearted and separates the proud.  Your love shouts from the deep and echoes from the mountain peaks.  Your love covers us like a blanket on a cold morning, it shields like a protector, an armor of a soldier.  Your love travels occupied territory and searches until it finds a heart of residence.  Your love. Your love, sacrifices to the call of one lonely soul, crying out, in, and of your love.

Heavenly Father, May I never take for granted your great and wonderful love, the love of Jesus, your one and only Son.   Thank you, Heavenly Father for your great and wonderful love.

May Gods Love find you today.


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