Empowered by God

A few weeks ago I woke up early in the morning with the thoughts of trimming the hedges at my house and my mothers house.  We both have a lot of shrubs to trim.  I usually trim the hedges about once every three weeks during the Spring and Summer months and them, of coarse, it slows down in the fall and winter.  I have both battery powered and  gas powered hedge trimmers to get the job done.  This particular morning I used the battery powered because they are a lot lighter in weight than the gas.  As I trimmed my hedges I noticed that the power level on the trimmers was not what they usually are.  The trimmers RPM’s was not as high as they usually are, after an all night charge.  I finished the hedges at my house then headed to mothers’, as I started trimming them, all the sudden, nothing.  The trimmers battery was dead.  So I went back to my house, and into the shop to see why I had a dead battery, after leaving it on charge all night.  Ahh, I had plugged the charger into a power strip the night before,  but neglected to turn the power strip, power switch to the on position.  I was plugged in but nothing was happening.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  We think that we are plugged into Gods power source, but at times we are plugged into our selfish wants and desires.

Such is the case for the children of Israel.  The promised land has been promised.  Moses did not enter it because of the sin.  Joshua did however enter, and now, time has passed, and he has left the scene, the remnant that are left in the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey, are living with the very ones God had instructed to defeat, and take the land, that had been promised.  Instead, the Israelites decided to live among the heathen nations, thus, angering God.  This is were God choose individuals, that he called “Judges,” to lead His people to freedom.  The Judges were called by God and then empowered by God, to unify the people of God, for the purpose of standing against the enemies of God.   Before these men of God were chosen, the Children of Israel acted on their own powerless motives.  In living with the enemy, other nations would infringe and rob the people of God and send them scattered in the region.  The Medianites according to Judges chapter 6 came every year at harvest time and steal the harvest that was needed to feed the children of Israel, families thru the year.

Application for you and me.  Don’t allow the position that you and I have through Christ, be settled for less than, what God has for us.  When we allow the enemy to entice us to become angry with a brother or a sister, we allow the spirit of anger to enter our lives, where it doesn’t belong.  Not only anger, but whatever causes you and I to stumble, pride, lust, not patient, covetousness, etc.  When we allow ourselves to live with these enemies of God, we are subject to be disconnected from being “Empowered by God.”  So in closing, brothers and sister, Stay connected to Gods power, love one another, and don’t let the enemy (Satan) allow things, contrary to Gods standards, to take root in your life.  Take back the position, that God had intended for you to have.       For further study read Dueteronomy 7 verse 1&2, Judges chapter 1,  Judges Chapter 6.,  1 Peter 3

Have a Safe Day!!!


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