You Can Trust Him

I was up early this morning, 6:15 a.m. made me a cup of coffee and stepped outside to a beautiful sunrise, with a bit of chill in the air. I couldn’t help but praise the Lord for the beauty of the morning, as the sun beamed thru the tree leaves in my back yard. I decided that it was the perfect morning to take a walk thru the neighborhood. I have made it a habit to take my “Gods promises for everyday” book along with me as I walk. If you see some guy walking and reading a book, it is me, and it is sometimes challenging to stay the course of the road as I read. LoL.. Man, the Lord really spoke to me this morning as I read Isaiah 9 v 6. The New Century Version says, “A child has been born to us, God has given a son to us. He will be responsible for leading the people. His name will be Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God, Father who lives Forever, Prince of Peace…” As I was walking, I thought about what I had read, it hit me. Jesus is responsible for leading his people. He is responsible for leading me! That is a profound statement. The God of the universe sent his Son to this planet and he is responsible for leading me! Of course there are some stipulations on my part to participate, in falling under his responsibility. I have to daily die to my selfish ways and submit to His authority. I have to be willing to follow Him no matter where He leads me. I have to be willing to listen to the Lord and faithfully do what He says. Other versions read the “government shall be on His shoulders,” still a powerful statement. I realize how important my walk is with the Lord. I pray that my lifestyle will be acceptable to Him, for He has given His life for me.  His promises will never let go of me.


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