I remember a couple of winters ago, we got a pretty good snow, 3 or 4 inches maybe, which was pretty good for Middle Tennessee.  My daughter and wife wanted to build a snowman, and that’s what they did.  I remember the fun they had building the snowman.  They were laughing during there time together, bonding as they built this huge snow man.  As I sit here on this, rather cool, July morning, I can’t help but think about what it takes for the snowman to be built.  As you know, the conditions have to be right.  You cannot expect dry snow to produce a snowball.  It doesn’t matter if you have a foot of dry snow, it will not form a ball, however if you have wet snow, Ahh, then you have snow that can produce some amazing snowmen.  It all starts with a snowball about the size of a baseball, as you place the snowball on the ground you begin to roll the ball and as it receives momentum from the one rolling it, it attracts other snow that attaches itself to it.  The size of the ball depends on how much snow you have and how strong you are to continue rolling the snowball.  I thought that’s how life is sometimes.  Little things seem to intrude our lives and stick to us, and if we allow it to become like the wet snow, it will build, and build, and build, until we become “overwhelmed” by its size and ability to stop us from moving in a healthy direction.  I think of Elijah in the bible, as God used him to accomplish some great feats in his ministry, in challenging the prophets of Baal to a duel.  You remember the story, Elijah challenged them to build an altar, saturated it with water and then with the sacrificial animal waiting to be offered?  All the prophets of Baal had to do was to call on their god to light the fire.  They did everything they could but no fire came, nothing happened to the altar.  After the prophets of Baal exhausted all efforts in calling on Baal, it was then Elijah’s turn call on his God.   Elijah called on God to light the altar, and fire came down from Heaven and devoured water saturated altar, and even the rocks around the altar were burned up by our Gods fire.  Elijah had to be at an all time high in his walk with the Lord.  He had to be praising God at a new level.  However, when God does something great in our lives, the enemy is just around the corner looking for a crack in our spiritual armor where he can slide in unaware.  Elijah was then informed that Jezebel was so angry for what had happened to the prophets of Baal, that she sent word to Elijah that He would be killed the next day for what he had done.  “Overwhelmed” by what he had heard, Elijah fled for his life.  He ran from one person that threatened him.  He allowed the words of  the enemy to stick to him, and cause him to despair in his spirit.  That’s how quick we can take our eyes off of the victory and place them on the object of the enemies arsenal.  When you feel overwhelmed by circumstances, please keep your eyes on them victory that we have in Jesus.  Don’t allow your life to become wet or drenched with the enemies tools.  Like wet snow, as we roll with the force of life, problems will begin to stick to us.  Allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to purify us daily from the stuff that wants to overwhelm us and stick to us.  Hew  9v14 – How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge our conscience from dead works to serve the living God.  

To read the story of Elijah’s circumstances check out 1 Kings chapter 18 & 19.                             ” Have a Stress Free Day !!!       


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