July 4th, The Morning Rain

I cant help but wonder on this 4th of July how many people are happy for the rain.  There are perhaps many activities planned for this day, family outings, cookouts, firework celebrations, to name a few.  Farmers that are in need of water to improve  their crop production are probably grateful for the rain, I can’t help but think about those firefighters, fighting the forest fires in Arizona, would love to see the rain we are experiencing this morning.  Don’t let a little rain hinder our thankful hearts for this Independence Day.  The freedom that we have today was fought hard by our forefathers in conditions far worse than what a little rain could bring.  Lets be thankful for our country, and the men and women in our military that are in harms way today in foreign lands, and protecting us here at home.  Be thankful for the emergency worker, that is on duty today protecting our towns and cities.  I am thankful for the freedom that Jesus has given me this morning.  Jesus has fought for my freedom, by living among men for 33 years, facing the same challenges that I face in  the flesh, yet with out sinning.  The bible tells me that if I put my faith in Jesus continually he will give me freedom in my spirit daily to fight the good fight of faith.  Remember Galatians 5 verse 1 says “Stand fast therefore in the liberty(freedom) wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” -KJV.   Jesus offers freedom to all who call on His name. 

I hope that you, your family, and friends, have a Great Independence Day!!!           


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