CISD “Critical Incident Stress Debriefing”

Critical incident Stress Management is a vital tool the Chaplains network have in our tool box to aid in support for the emergency worker that has been involved in a critical incident. Critical Incident debriefing occurs one to ten days from the onset of an incident. A team of trained people, usually consisting of fire chaplains and peers (someone trained, that is in our profession that might serve in another fire department), and may also consist of a mental health professional. This team once invited by a department or organization will meet at an appointed time to discuss the incident. The emergency workers that are at the debriefing are encouraged to express their thoughts however are not required to. If you were at the scene of the incident and choose to attend the CISD, you might encourage those in your crew to attend. Our profession is full of stessors as it is, but these unordinary calls that catch us by surprise don’t have to be kept suppressed within us. We have an outlet in CISD. These meetings are confidential and in no way is a critique of the call.
If I can assist you please give me a call. May God bless, watch over and protect you, your family, and your crews.


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