Sunday Morning

There is nothing more peaceful that a Sunday morning in the Spring time.  The sunrise, as the horizon loses the darkness and is replaced by the light of a new day.  As the sun rises the birds begin  their wake up song, the dew dances within the blades of a freshly cut lawn.  The spring gardens raise their leaves to the warmth of a new day.    Church houses all across America will be filled with people wanting to rest their spirit on the Alter of God, after a busy and burden filled week of work.  I am reminded that we don’t have to wait to Sunday to give God our burdens.  The bible says “If we seek God early we will find him.”  Just as the birds, seek the sunrise to sing their wake up pledge, We should seek the Lord first and formost in the morning while the morning dew is still dancing among the blades of grass.  Jesus wants us to meet Him, not just on Sunday morning, but every morning. Just think if the birds did’nt want to sing anymore, or if nature itself decided not to meet the demands of the new day, or if the sun decided not to shine.  How different would our lives be without these features of life.  We need Jesus just like nature needs the sun.  A Sunday Morning, Ahh….  I am reminded to slow down with the business of life, to lay it aside and reach for “THE SON.”  As nature sings to the sun, we should sing to “The SON… Jesus.”     Have a blessed Lords Day!!! and Keep reaching for “The Son.”              

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