Opportunities Lost

I am sitting in my shop drinking my cup of lukewarm coffee, and thinking about all the lost opportunities that i passed by in life. One of which i am certain is the time I have neglected with Jesus. I am certain that the power a Christian has in this life is not in his or her own strength but in God’s strength. Prayer is the neccesity for a vibrant God purposed life. My life has had its share of ups and downs, but the down turns could have been much avoided if I had not of neglected time with Jesus. Jesus has recently came into my life in a fresh new way. Its called making the opportunity to see Him every morning. I enter my shop and with my lukewarm cup of joe, my Bible and a mens devotion book, a CD player with inspirational music playing softly, and last but not least a $2.00 spiral notebook. Its been a wonderful change to my life. I read and meditate on Gods Holy Word and then put on pad the word he has put in my heart. My opportunity lost hasn’t been not to sail around the world, or going on a safari in a distant land, but simply this, not finding Jesus when he was waiting for me in my shop. I challenge anyone who reads these words to find where you have lost your opportunity to seek Jesus, and simply search for Him, because He is looking for you in unordinary places. In closing I think about the man who was paralyzed, and he had 4 friends carrying him to see Jesus. The 4 carried him to where Jesus was speaking, at a house filled with hungry people wanting to be feed by the words of Jesus. The house was so full of people that the 4 could not even get thru the front door. So these 4 brave men climbed up onto the roof of the house and starting digging through the roof until they created a whole large enough to lower the paralyzed man right in front of Jesus. Jesus told the 4 that went to great lengths to see there friend find the help he needed, “I see your faith, your sins are forgiven.” The man got up and took his mat with him. These 4 men carrying the Paralyzed man took full opportunity of finding Jesus. These men dug through the roof of the house until they saw Jesus. if we would just keep digging in the Word of God, Keep digging in prayer, Keep digging in visiting the sick and carrying for the Orphans and widows, then I believe we will have opportunity to see Jesus show up in our lives. Remember Opportunities that were Lost yesterday should be todays sought after treasures. {Mark 2 verse 1 – 12} May the Lord Bless your day.


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